Welcome, Wyvern

Last weekend I lost my beloved Ruin… a betta fish I’d had for four years. He lived out a good life in a filtered, heated, five gallon tank with an ever-changing aquascape. The last few months of his life he lived in a 2.5 gallon but seemed like he was just not feeling his best fishy self. He passed away and was buried under my lemon tree. May he swim in peace. 💜 I decided to go to my local pet store and adopt a new betta. I found Wyvern and instantly loved his personality and unique markings. Unlike Ruin, who was a green/blue half tail moon, Wyvern is a black and white, half moon plakat betta. I’ve never really been drawn to a plakat before but after adopting Wyvern, I’m a pretty big fan so far. He’s a bit on the aggressive side but has loads of energy. He really enjoys flaring at himself during his mirror time and is always sociable when he sees someone. While many women my age are going through baby fever, I’m developing betta fever and trying not to go back and adopt more.

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