As if social distancing and quarantine wasn’t difficult enough… imagine having to leave your home with two kiddos in tow (one a special needs toddler) because your home is suddenly infested with mold and becomes uninhabitable. Well, that happens to be the scenario myself and my family were recently thrown into. Unbeknownst to us, we had a leak in our master bathroom shower area and it caused one hell of a mess inside our walls and underneath our floors. We’ve also all developed breathing issues which we now know can be attributed to living in a mold infested environment. They have to open up and demolish roughly half of our home including both bathrooms and our oldest son’s bedroom. It’s a big headache and a big bill. We’re going to have to get all new drywall, flooring, bathroom fixtures, etc. We won’t even be able to return home for about a month. Luckily, insurance hooked us up with a nice AirBNB. So, in lieu of our crappy situation we got put up in a lovely 5 acre estate with a pool and spa. It’s a nice way to continue our quarantine even if we are driving back and forth to move all of our belongings into our temporary residence. So, in short, I won’t be able to game or access internet too much. I’m running off DSL in the wine country so it’s pretty unreliable and slow. Stay safe, everyone! ❤

3 thoughts on “Brightside

  1. I really feel for you and your family. Mold is nasty and costly and can cause so many health problems. We have to tear our bathroom apart as well as soon as we can. We have a new tub and wall but we have to tear out walls and flooring as well due to mold. It’s not fun. We have no coverage and can’t afford anyone else to do it so we have been reading up on doing it ourselves.

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    1. Do you have homeowner’s insurance? We went through our insurance to cover the cost of almost everything. We would have to do everything ourselves as well if it weren’t for the insurance. Good luck on your endeavors, I wish you much success and a quick turn around.


      1. We have tenant insurance but we don’t technically own the house. It’s in my parent’s name but they bought it as an investment and a place to pass along to us so we are investing some money in it. They have already bought a lot of the material for the bathroom and we will be purchasing some as well. They, unfortunately, don’t have homeowners insurance at the moment as they purchased it outright and they can’t get insurance unless they take the woodstove out (or they don’t have “tenants”) and do some other things. All things we plan to do over the spring and then get it insured as soon as we can. It scares me a little cause our contents are covered but not the structure itself.


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