Review: The Mermaid and The Bear

“Isobell needs to escape. She has to. Her life depends on it.

She has a plan and it’s a well thought-out, well observed plan, to flee her privileged life in London and the cruel man who would marry her, and ruin her, and make a fresh start in Scotland.

She dreams of faery castles, surrounded by ancient woodlands and misty lochs… and maybe even romance, in the dark and haunted eyes of a mysterious Laird.

Despite the superstitious nature of the time and place, her dreams seem to be coming true, as she finds friendship and warmth, love and safety. And the chance for a new beginning…

Until the past catches up with her.

Set in the late sixteenth century, at the height of the Scottish witchcraft accusations, The Mermaid and The Bear is a story of triumph over evil, hope through adversity, faith in humankind and – above all – love.” – taken from Amazon

Author: Ailish Sinclair

Print Length: 221 pages

4/5 stars

This was a nice quick read for me. I found the beginning rather slow but it eventually picked up and took a quick, unexpected turn towards the end. I found Isobell’s character likable. She was easy to sympathize with and I was rooting for her happiness until the end. I enjoyed the witchcraft twist although it did bring me to tears. I had my favorite characters (Bessie) and my least favorite (Agnes). Man, I haven’t hated a fictional character as much as I hated Agnes in quite a long time. From the very first time she’s introduced until the end, I just could not stand her. I’ve been a fan of historical romance for quite a while and I thought this was very well written and quite an enjoyable read. The only part that I marked it down for was the fact that the very end was a bit cliche and expected. It gave me sort of a Disney movie feeling at the end. Not necessarily a bad thing but it gets a bit tiresome reading endings like that particularly in this genre.

One thought on “Review: The Mermaid and The Bear

  1. Love this review! I’ve actually been looking to get a book to keep me busy during this quarantine. Can’t wait for your next post! 🙂


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