Third Eye

800px_COLOURBOX26714408Third Eye

Lies lies lies

Do you even believe the words you say?

The paint that covers your true form

Slowly chips away

Beneath the colors lie


A defiler


A despot


A demon

A naive fool from the start

Warnings fall on deaf ears

As the truth unravels

My eyes are no longer blind

Prey on those when they are weak

I will avenge

What you have destroyed

A phoenix from the ashes

Wrathfulness unmatched

The eyes are always watching you…




Feelings of worthlessness

Rose colored lenses

Shattered by cruel words

Blinded by my sudden awareness

Vile creature, I see your true form

Twisted words spit from your forked tongue

The mask from whence you hide


I am broken

As you wish me to be

Always the zero

Never the ten

Lies covered in confectionery sugar

Melting away

A deluge of tears

I’m no longer a ghost

Paint me the villain

The colors burn my skin

Always the zero

Never the ten